A Private Cooking Class for Your Group!

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A Casa Mia is here to bring you the real Italian experience through our LIVE online classes along with Chef Giacomo, who teaches you about the authentic flavors that he grew up with in Italy. We offer a variety of culinary experiences for you and your group. A great experience for teams during these times. 

Is your team outside of San Diego? We have some options for you! Contact us at acasamiasd@gmail.com

Ragu Rustico


 "Il sugo" in Tuscan dialect is called ragu di carne, similar to the bolognese sauce. I want to transport you in this antique and unique journey from my childhood

Cacio e Pepe


In this class we will prepare Cacio e Pepe... a Roman Classic. We'll make it with bucatini pasta and imported Pecorino Romano (12 months aged).

Gnocchi & Pesto


This is one of the Italian dishes that is most known around the world and is prepared in every region of Italy. We'll make homemade gnocchi from scratch and a pesto sauce.

Pizza Pazza


During this class we'll make the pizza dough and we'll bring you mozzarella, prosciutto San Marzano tomatoes, basil and extra surprises. We'll transform your house in an authentic Pizzeria Napoletana.



This is the most famous dish in Roma. We will bring you the real guanciale (pork jowl), organic eggs, aged pecorino Romano, bucatini pasta.

Pollo a Modo Mio


During this class, we will make chicken involuting with prosciutto, sage, Taleggio cheese and a white wine reduction.

Lasagna Toscana


The traditional Tuscan edition... Nonna's style with organic ground beef and besciamella.

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Last night we took a trip to Italy with an incredible cooking class from A Casa Mia. They deliver all the top quality ingredients to your door, run a super fun interactive cooking class online, and then the best part... you get to eat it all! Can't wait for their next class!

Nirit W.