Utensils Needed

- Cooking utensils
- Cutting board
- 2 Mixing bowls 
- Cake pan - if  you have a detachable one is better. I will be using an 8 inch round one but other sizes work fine.
- Mixer
- Measuring cup


STEP 1 - Grab a mixing bowl and put the 2 eggs inside (the complete eggs).
STEP 2 - Turn on the mixer and mix the eggs.
STEP 3 - Add the sugar (not the powder sugar, the regular one) and keep mixing.
STEP 4 - Add the milk, water (at room temperature) and olive oil. And keep mixing.
STEP 5 - On a separate bowl, pt the flour, add the yeast and mix them.
STEP 6 - Add the flour with the yeast slowly to the other mixing bowl that has the other mix and continue using the mixer to mix in the flour and the yeast with everything else.
STEP 7 - Once done, put your mix in the fridge for about 10 minutes.
STEP 8 - Turn on the oven at 350 degrees.
STEP 9 - Grab your cake pan and add some either olive oil or a bit of butter throughout the bottom of the container so that your torta does not stick to it.
STEP 10 - Add half of the mix to your cake pan and put the rest in the refrigerator. We will first bake the bottom part.
STEP 11 - Once your oven is ready, you can put your cake pan inside on the top.
STEP 12 - You will have to wait about 20 minutes approximately, until you see that it is already solid because we need to put the jam on top.
STEP 13 - Once you add the jam, you can put the rest of the mix on top.
STEP 14 - You can put it now again on the oven. And wait another 20 minutes. Check it and if it still needs some time, leave it in the oven but make sure the cake does not burn.
STEP 15 - Once ready, you can add some powder sugar.