During this journey, I will introduce you to the great passion that my family has for this dessert which is simple but unique and delicious. The aroma created by the apples and the essence of each natural ingredient is what makes it so particular. Have fun with us during this sweet class.


– (???cups) 400 gr. flour
– (???cups) 150 gr. sugar
– (???cups) 120 gr. butter
– (???cups) 16 gr. yeast
– 2 eggs

– 1/3 cup of white wine (which type???)
– 4 small apples
– You can do it with Nutella instead of apples – you do this you need a jar of ****oz of Nutella


Utensils Needed

– Cooking utensils
– Cutting board
– Mixing bowl
– 1 pan for the stove
– Cake pan (non stick preferably)
– Measuring cup


STEP 1 – grab your cake pan and put a bit of butter allover so that our sbriciolona does not stick to it.
STEP 2 – clean up you apples by taking away the skin and the seeds. You can then chop the apples.
STEP 3 – Put your apples in a pan and put it on low temperature.
STEP 4 – Add 1 teaspoon of sugar and the wine. Put it on mid temperature.
STEP 5 – Turn oven on 350 degrees.
STEP 6 – Once your apples become a little soft you can turn off your pan.
STEP 7 – Grab your mixing bowl and all all the flour, the sugar and the yeast.
STEP 8 – Grab a fork and mix it!
STEP 9 – Add both of the eggs and add the butter (break it into small pieces as you add it so it gets easier to mix).
STEP 10 – You can now mix it with the hands. Keep mixing until the butter is mixed along with everything else. You need to get some crumbs.
STEP 11 – Grab your cake pan and we’ll first start with the base. We would need about half of the dough for the base, so put it at the bottom and squish it so it gets hard.
STEP 12 – if you are using Nutella instead of apples, you put all the bottle of Nutella un top of the dough. If you are doing apples, just put the apples there.
STEP 13 – You can now put the next layer of dough but you can put crumb pieces of dough on top of the apples.
STEP 14 – Put not into the oven. you can put it in the middle level.
STEP 15 – Put in the oven for 20 minutes. It might need some extra time so if needed, put it inside the oven again.