Risotto | Funghi Porcini | Sausage


Utensils Needed

- Cooking utensils - Cutting Board - 1 Pot - 1 Big Pan - 1 Strainer - Measuring cup


STEP 1 - put your porcini mushrooms on a container and put 3 cups of water. STEP 2 - grab a big pot and put 10 cups of water STEP 3 - cut the onion in half. 1/2 onion will go in the pot with the water. SAVE THE OTHER HALF FOR LATER!!!! STEP 4 - rinse the celery  and put it in the pot with the water. STEP 5 - cut the zucchini and put it in the water. STEP 6 - add both of the tomatoes STEP 7 - take the ends of the carrots after you’ve rinsed them very well and add them to your pot. STEP 8 - add 2 pinches of salt, one pinch of pepper and a table spoon of olive oil. PUT THE BROTH ON HIGH TEMPERATURE COVER THE POT STEP 9 - chop the other half of the onion STEP 10 - add some olive olive on a nice size pan STEP 11 - add the chopped onions, pinch of salt & pinch of black pepper STEP 12 - add the white wine. STEP 13 - ADD THE sausage in small chunks without the skin STEP 14 - add a couple of branches of thyme without any stems. KEEP ON MID TEMP STEP 15 - take out the mushrooms out of the water and chop them. DO NOT THROW THE WATER AWAY!!!!!! WE WILL NEED IT. STEP 16 - once chopped, add mushrooms into your pan STEP 17 - PUT risotto in the pan STEP 18 - add a spoon of broth and a spoon of mushroom water Once it starts to get absorbed, add again a spoon of broth and a spoon of the mushroom water. WE’LL KEEP ON ADDING LIQUID UNTIL THE RISOTTO IS COOKED STEP 19 - add a pinch of salt & pinch of pepper STEP 20 - add a bit more salt and pepper up to your taste. STEP 21 - if your risotto is ready, add a bit of truffle zest STEP 22 - add all the butter inside and mix TURN OFF YOUR STOVE AND KEEP MIXING