Utensils Needed

- Cooking utensils - Cutting board - Baking pan - 8inches x 9inches x 2.5 inches in hight is a good size but feel to use something similar. - 3 pans for the stove. - 1 Pot - Whisk


STEP 1 - start cutting the onion STEP 2 - turn on fire on low temperature. Put a bit of olive oil on your pan and put your onions. STEP 3 - add the wine and put it on medium temperature. For the VEGETARIANS, you can add the veggies right now. You can add some water. STEP 4 - add a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper. STEP 5 - put ground meat on your pan. Make sure you put it in chunks STEP 6 - add a couple of pinches of pepper and a pinch of salt. And you can add a little olive oil STEP 7 - grab one branch of rosemary and 6 branches of thyme. Take out the leaves and put them in the pan with our mix. Make sure we do not have any sticks. STEP 8 - add the pasta Mutti. *** VEGETARIANS, do not add the tomato sauce right now. You’ll add it later STEP 9 - if you want, you can add a bit more of salt and pepper. Make sure you do not add too much salt because we will be adding parmiggiano later Step 10 - put your ragu in low temperature (stove on 2) and cover. STEP 11 - put milk in a tall pan STEP 12 - put butter in a smaller pan. STEP 13 - start boiling milk and melt butter. *** make sure your ragu (the meat sauce) does not get burned. Just leave it in 1 or 2 STEP 14 - when butter melts, you put the flower in it and mix with the whisk. STEP 15 - take it out from the heat and keep mixing STEP 16 - add a pinch of salt to the milk and shave a bit of the nutmeg STEP 17 - add butter and flour mix into the milk. Use the whisk to mix slowly. *** Dont forget to check on the ragu. We dont want it to burn. STEP 18 - leave white sauce for a little bit at a low temperature. STEP 19 - you can turn off the stove and leave your white sauce sit for a bit. STEP 20  - turn on oven and put it on 380 STEP 21 - turn on your white sauce. Once you start getting bubbles, you turn it off. STEP 22 - Turn off the ragu sauce. STEP 23 - put white sauce as your first layer. Add a layer of pasta. STEP 25 - add a layer of ragu. STEP 26 - add another layer of white sauce. STEP 27 - add parmesan cheese. LAYERS: White sauce, pasta, ragu (meat sauce) , white sauce, parmigiano , pasta, ragu, parmesan cheese. STEP 28 – Put your lasagna in the oven for 20 mins and check it. If you think it still needs a little longer just leave it there. Make sure you don’t burn the parmigiano cheese.