Utensils Needed

- Cooking utensils - Non-stick pan - Mixing Bowl - Whisk - Cutting board - Colander


STEP 1 - break your eggs and put them inside of the mixing bowl. STEP 2 - use the whisk to mix the eggs STEP 3 - add the milk and mix STEP 4 - if you have a colander, pass the flour through that before you add it to the mix. Once you put the flour in, keep mixing. STEP 5 - once you are done mixing, you can put it in the fridge for 20 mins. STEP 6 - after your mix has been inside the fridge, you can take it out. STEP 7 - turn on your stove and put it in mid temperature. STEP 8 - put a small piece of butter in your non stick pan and with a napkin, spread the butter throughout the pan. STEP 9 -  add some crepe mix to your pan and move your pan around so that there is a thin layer of the mix covering all the bottom of the pan. STEP 10 - you can lower temperature so you don't burn your crepe. STEP 11 - once it is cooked at the bottom, you can turn your crepe over. STEP 12 - once you turn it over, wait until the other side is cooked. REMEMBER THAT THE FIRST ONE SOMETIMES IS NOT THE BEST, YOU HAVE ENOUGH DOUGH TO PRACTICE! STEP 13 - once the crepe is done, you can stuff them and plate them.