Utensils Needed

- Cooking utensils - Cutting board - Baking pan - 8inches x 9inches x 2.5 inches in hight is a good size but feel to use something similar. - 3 pans for the stove. - 1 Pot - Whisk - Piping bag to fill out the cannelloni


STEP 1 - Put 2 tablespoons of olive oil on a pan and add the whole clove of garlic. STEP 2 - Put it on the stove at low/mid temperature temperature until you see that the garlic gets a little cooked and mix it with the olive oil. STEP 3 - Put all the spinach inside your pan. STEP 4 - Add 2 more tablespoons of olive oil, 1 pinch of salt and 1 pinch of black pepper and cover your pan. STEP 5 - Mix and make sure it does not burn. STEP 6 - Once the spinach is ready, turn it off and put it on a separate container. Take out the clove of garlic. STEP 7 - Cut the spinach into small pieces and let it cool. STEP 8 - We'll start doing the besciamella. Put all the milk in a pot and add a pinch of nutmeg and put it on mid temperature. STEP 9 - Put the butter into a separate pot and put it on low temperature. STEP 10 - Once the butter is melted, add the flour and mix with the whisk. STEP 11 - Once the milk is a bit warm, add it to the pan that has the butter and flour mix. And mix at a very low temperature with the whisk. STEP 12 - Leave your besciamella on the stove at a low temperature. STEP 13 - In the meantime, we'll start preparing the stuffing. So grab your spinach and if you see that there is too much liquid, take out the liquid. STEP 14 - Add all the ricotta, both of the eggs, a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. And mix!!! STEP 15 - Add all the parmigiano and mix. Once done, put it in the fridge. STEP 16 - Check on the besciamella, we don't want it to get burn. STEP 17 - Turn on the oven on 350 degrees. STEP 18 - Grab your stuffing and put it inside a piping bag and put it in the freezer for 2 minutes. STEP 19 - In the meantime, grab your baking pan and put a layer of besciamella at the bottom. STEP 20 - Take the stuffing outside from the freezer and stuff your cannelloni and arrange them on your pan. STEP 21 - Once you have put enough cannelloni on your pan, cover them with besciamella. STEP 22 - Put your pan in the oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Once you see that they are ready, you switch to broil for 5 minutes so it gets crunchy at the top but watch it because we don't want it to get burned. STEP 23 - Once ready you can plate it. If you have some truffle zest you can add it on the top.