Utensils Needed

- Cooking utensils - 1 Pot - 2 Pans - Cheese grater - Mixing bowl - Cutting board


STEP 1 - Put some water to boil for our pasta. Add a pinch of salt. STEP 2 - Put 1/2 table spoon of black pepper on a pan and start to toast it in low temperature (do not put anything else on your pan). STEP 3 - Once you've toasted your black pepper, turn off the pan. And start to shave the pecorino Romano. We want it to be fine. STEP 4 - Add your shaved pecorino Romano to a mixing bowl and add 1/2 table spoon of shaved parmigiano regianno. AND MIX! STEP 5 - Once the water starts boiling, you can put your pasta in. STEP 6 - 3 minutes after you've put the pasta into the boiling water, you can take about 10 table spoons of water and you can add them to your pan that has the pepper. And put the heat on low temperature (you just have pepper and water) STEP 7 - Add about 7 table spoons of the hot water where the pasta is into the bowl that has the cheese so we get some type of pure. Make sure y0u dont add too much water. we want it to be like a paste. STEP 8 - If your pepper is too dry, you can add more water. STEP 9 - Once the pasta is ready, you can add the pasta into your pan with the pepper. DO NOT THROW THE WATER AWAY!!! STEP 10 - Add a bit more water and mix. STEP 11 - Once ready, take your pan out from the heat and keep mixing. The reason why we take it out from the heat is because we want to let it cool for 30 seconds before we add the cheese, otherwise the cheese will get too sticky. STEP 12 - Once it cools down a bit, you add the cheese and you mix (with the heat off) STEP 13 - Add a bit more of the hot water and mix very fast. STEP 14 - Once ready you can plate your pasta.