Utensils Needed

- Cooking Utensils - Cutting Board - 1 Pot - 1 Frying Pan - non-stick preferably - Mixing bowl - Cheese grater


STEP 1 - grab your guanciale and take out the outside yellow part STEP 2 - start cutting in little pieces. STEP 3 - put a bit of olive oil on your pan and then your guanciale. STEP 4 - turn on stove on medium temperature. We want to heat it slowly. STEP 5 - add a pinch of black pepper. STEP 6 - add white wine, pinch of salt and pinch of pepper and a bit of olive oil. STEP 7 - take out guanciale and put in a different plate. STEP 8 - Put in the big pieces of tomato and crush them STEP 9 - add a bit more of salt and pepper but make sure it is not too much salt. STEP 10 - add 1/2 teaspoon of the spicy sauce that you got. STEP 11 - add a bit more of olive oil. STEP 12 - start to boil water for the pasta. Add a pinch of salt. STEP 13 - add the guanciale. And 2 spoons of the tomato sauce. STEP 14 - another pinch of black pepper. STEP 15 - make sure that the sauce is in low temperature STEP 16 - grate the pecorino cheese. STEP 17 - once ready, take pasta out of the water and put it in your pan with the sauce. STEP 18 - add a couple of spoons of water from your pasta in the pan where you are mixing everything. STEP 19 - and add a bit more of olive oil and pepper. Wait until your sauce starts to generate some bubbles. STEP 20 - take your past out and put it in your plate. And put some guanciale on top and some pecorino.