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OH My Pesto!



Il pesto… 

Pesto is one of the most famous Italian sauces. Il Pesto was born in Genova… just like Cristoforo Colombo, just a few centuries later. Although pesto did not have anything to do with the discovery of America! 

Traditional pesto contains olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, basil and pine nuts but overtime multiple variations have been created in various regions of Italy. For this kit, we have selected an organic basil pesto, which is similar to the traditional pesto. We have also included a Broccoli Pesto with Anchovies, which is typical from the Puglia region. These pesto variety has been perfectly paired with the artigianal pasta, also included in this kit.  


– Organic Basil Pesto: 6.34 oz, basil, EVOO, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Pecorino, pine nuts. 

– Organic Broccoli Pesto with Anchovies: 6.34 oz, 

– Organic Pasta – Mezzi Rigatoni: 1 lbs

– Olive Leaf Pasta with Spinach: 1 lbs


Last night we took a trip to Italy with an incredible cooking class from A Casa Mia. They deliver all the top quality ingredients to your door, run a super fun interactive cooking class online, and then the best part... you get to eat it all! Can't wait for their next class!

Nirit W.