This class is about the antique traditions of my grandma that were passed through generations... a dish that she would make every Sunday. "Il sugo" in Tuscan dialect is called ragu di carne, similar to the bolognese sauce. I want to transport you in this antique and unique journey from my childhood. Viva a tutte le nonne dil mondo!!! (Hurrey to all grandmas of this world!) Are you ready to be part of my family?
This time we will prepare together gnocchi and pesto. This is one of the Italian dishes that is most known around the world and is prepared in every region of Italy. In Rome gnocchi were made every single Thursday. Romans would say “Giovedì gnocchi e venerdì pesce”… Gnocchi Thursdays and fish for Friday.
The Amatriciana pasta is a Roman classic which originated in Amatrice, a nearby town. The name of the dish in the Romanesco dialect eventually became matriciana due to the apheresis typical of this dialect.
Cacio Pepe... a Roman classic. This simple dish which has just few ingredients, cheese, black pepper and pasta, was very popular originally among shepherds because ingredients were easily found in the region and kept well for a long time.
Napoli e Roma…. Spaghetti alla puttanesca comes from both places.   Have fun with us and prepare along chef Giacomo this traditional pasta and learn the difference between both versions (Napolitan & Roman). And enjoy its unique flavors and great aroma. 
Catania is one of the largest cities in the island of Sicilia… and it was founded by Greeks! Rich in culture and destroyed various times by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions from Mount Etna, Catania is the home of this unique dish. A perfect vegetarian alternative! 
La la la la la......lasagna e pronta!! The traditional Tuscan Sunday pranzo edition... nonna's style!