Italian experience

Take a trip to Italy with  our cooking classes! We  deliver a kit to your home  with the top quality ingredients that  you will need for the fun and interactive online class with Chef Giacomo.



Giacomo was born and raised in a small Tuscan City called Prato.

His passion for food started when he was a kid as he helped his parents, Vasco and Gabriella, in their family restaurant. Vasco and Gabriella have been Giacomo’s true inspiration and when he moved to the United States, he decided he wanted to share these unique authentic flavors that he grew up with.

A few of us at work tried this out as something to use for "team building". We all had an amazing time! It was a highlight for everyone to share at our company wide meetings the next week.

Hands down everyone has been saying that it was the best night they have had in a long time.
The cooking class is the perfect blend of instructional cooking and witty banter.

Holly W.