Unleash the True Spirit of Teamwork with

a casa mia

Experience the Truely Italian Adventure

Transform ordinary team-building activities into an extraordinary culinary journey with Chef Giacomo at A Casa Mia… a virtual passport to an authentic Italian experience.

Forget generic exercises and repetitive icebreakers. Here, teamwork marries tradition, as Chef Giacomo immerses you and your colleagues in the heart of Italian cuisine. Dive deep into the spirit of Italy, where collaboration, passion, and creativity aren’t just celebrated – they’re essential ingredients for every dish.




a casa mia

In the heart of Tuscany, there’s a small, picturesque city named Prato. This city isn’t just renowned for its breathtaking views and historic landmarks; it’s the birthplace Chef Giacomo’s culinary journey. His story is one of passion, tradition, and a love for genuine Italian flavors.

Growing up, Giacomo’s fondest memories were interwoven with the tantalizing aromas of Tuscan cuisine that wafted from the kitchen of his family’s restaurant. It was there, under the watchful eyes and seasoned hands of his parents, Vasco and Gabriella, that Giacomo discovered his love for cooking. His father, Vasco, a master chef, unraveled the mysteries of Tuscany’s culinary world, introducing Giacomo to the rich tapestry of flavors that makes Italian food so unique, which is not just about techniques and recipes, but also its roots in family, its connection to the land, and its ability to bring people together.

Giacomo’s passion about sharing these flavors of his childhood gave birth to A Casa Mia.

Translating to ‘At My Home’, A Casa Mia is an invitation to Chef Giacomo’s home. Through virtual LIVE interactive experiences, Giacomo teaches you to cook and he transports you to Italy, immersing you in stories, traditions, and of course, the exquisite flavors of his homeland.

Let Chef Giacomo and his childhood memories guide you through an authentic Tuscan experience, reminding you of the warmth, love, and flavors that only a true Italian home can offer.

Welcome to ‘A Casa Mia’. Welcome to Giacomo’s home. 

A few of us at work tried this out as something to use for "team building". We all had an amazing time! It was a highlight for everyone to share at our company wide meetings the next week.

Hands down everyone has been saying that it was the best night they have had in a long time.
The cooking class is the perfect blend of instructional cooking and witty banter.

Holly W.